First Time Mom-First Trimester

Hello Everyone!

My first daughter is nearing her first birthday and I have to say I’ve had quite a  year; looking back on everything, I can’t believe time has passed so fast.  Coming up on her first birthday makes me reminisce a lot about the very beginning when I first realized I was pregnant, so I thought maybe I could share my experiences with other first time moms or seasoned mamas and see the similarities and differences.

When I was growing up, I always imagined what it would be like to be pregnant, knowing there was a little human being inside you.  I imagined I would have a sense that something was different before I even had confirmation that I was pregnant, so I was surprised that when I was staring at the positive pregnancy  test all by myself, in my bathroom that, besides shock, I felt pretty much the exact same as I had an hour before. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but I really thought I’d feel something different and I honestly didn’t.  When my husband came home and I shared the news he immediately took me in his arms and stated how happy he was and I still didn’t feel much.  So, a couple of weeks later we went to the doctor and had our first ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy; of course this early on you don’t hear a heartbeat you just see it beating on a screen as they’re probing you uncomfortably.  So, once again I expected to feel something different and I really felt nothing–it was so awful, I have to admit.  My husband saw the heartbeat and started crying and so did the nurse and I’m sitting here trying to fake an emotional reaction, but it just still didn’t feel real to me.  I only felt like a bad mom for not having some sort of  reaction.

The next weeks that passed were honestly pretty mild as far as first trimesters go; I was ridiculously and utterly exhausted.  I mean I could have slept for days if someone let me.  I would take a nap for two hours and then less than an hour later want another one.  I was fortunate to be working part time at this point, so my employer didn’t take notice to my lack of energy.  This is something that honestly no one told me about; I always heard about people throwing up and feeling terribly nauseous, but no one warned me how exhausting it is to grow another human being inside you.  It literally takes everything out of you.
Thankfully, I didn’t have much nausea; there were a couple of weeks where everything smelled gross and I had to take little bites of food so I wouldn’t throw it up, but thankfully that was short-lived.
Finally, when I went to my three month appointment, I got to hear the heartbeat and that’s when everything seemed more real to me than ever.  Something about hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time makes your heart and your world stop.  It was the first moment I really got the feeling that–hey, I am going to be a mom and I will never forget it.
What were some of your experiences in the first trimester?

3 thoughts on “First Time Mom-First Trimester

  1. happysinglemomma says:

    I totally relate to the exhaustion! I found out I was pregnant at week 4 and by week 5 the nausea hit and about the same time the exhaustion as well. I would say the same thing as you– I wanted to sleep 24/7 until the second trimester.
    Emotionally, because of my unstable and ending relationship, it was a lot for me to process being pregnant and I was so happy, sad, scared, and excited at the same time. I felt extreme emotions (but I am a very emotive person in general) at my 6 week ultrasound even though my baby was just a dot. When I had another ultrasound at 14 weeks I saw my baby’s fingers moving, arms and legs kicking, and head moving up and down. It was the most miraculous thing I’ve ever seen. I cried and was so overcome with the emotion of seeing a human that I was growing in my womb.. Knowing that I had so much responsibility to her and of course there was a lot of emotion from my then still (by a thread) partner who sat next to me stone faced. I felt even more strongly about becoming the best mother and woman I could for her. And now as I type this, she’s kicking and moving all about (I’m 21 weeks this week). But as far as first trimester goes, you are right- no one warns you about the exhaustion, it was by far the most difficult part. Second trimester has been constant hunger and mild exhaustion. I’ve slowly started to put on weight, about 10 lbs total now (but I lost about 6 pounds in first trimester due to inability to eat much of anything). Feeling strong, ever emotional, and excited/scared.


    • babyandmamablog says:

      Aw I remember that feeling of those little feet kicking inside me; it’s such a surreal feeling. I am so sorry to hear about your ex, it sounds like they didn’t realize the true miracle that was happening inside you, but you can definitely do this on your own. You sound like a very strong individual; pregnancy can be a major roller coaster of emotions; for me the hardest time was the transition from second to third trimester. Something about that shift made my emotions go crazy and I’m not even a super emotional person. I am so happy for you and wish you all the best in the next few months. Pregnancy and motherhood is an amazing responsibility, you are going to be great at it. If you have any pregnancy related questions or just need to vent let me know! Having a support group is so helpful and I’m happy to be there for you if you need it. Good luck!


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